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Twisted Reality: Remake

Resident Evil 2 is a major success for Capcom. The game has shipped 3 million copies in its debut week making it a great success for the developers. It was a long-demanded fan remake of the original Resident Evil 2. Capcom has also announced a lot of post-launch support for it beginning with a free DLC that adds a new gameplay mode, and costumes that represent the original PS1 character models.

Twisted Reality: Remake

In Japanese, he was voiced by Shin'ichirō Miki, who also voiced Assassin in Fate/stay night, in Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring and Toshiyuki Morikawa in all other appearances. In English, he was voiced by Lance Bass in Kingdom Hearts, George Newbern, who voiced Superman in the Injustice video games, in most appearances, and Tyler Hoechlin in the Final Fantasy VII remake.

After his fall into insanity, his manipulation and deception skills proved crucial in his successes, having managed to trick and manipulate both Shinra and Cloud's party to his own ends repeatedly. He was also able to successfully torment Cloud by revealing the truth of the Nibelheim Incident in his twisted manner and even manipulating Tifa into revealing the truth subtly, to the point where Cloud completely broke down.

If you remember, the hapless victims of Ring, its countless sequels, remakes, and even the Ju-on crossover all receive a nefarious phone call moments after watching the video tape in question. This haunting call informs the person who watched the tape that they have just seven days left to live.

Staying true to its word, the spirit of Sadako/Samara will come calling for their next victim one week after the viewing of this cursed piece of footage. Which means that this particular phone call is one you want to avoid at all costs - for the end result is the cold, twisted reality of death for those cats curious enough to give this notorious tape a watch.

Released in 1940, the original Pinocchio has a plethora of moments and characters which might be frowned on today. Not only are they scary, but they reflect a different time in terms of what was politically acceptable. As such, some parents might worry about exposing their kids to the wrong values. Disney likely won't take the risk of driving away consumers in this way, so viewers can expect to see plenty of changes with this remake.

Also on the list of questionable content is swearing. Although many view animation as a children's medium, old cartoons occasionally dropped a naughty word into the mix. Specifically, Pinocchio has a few mentions of "jackass." While it makes narrative sense, Disney will doubtless want a friendlier word choice for the remake.

Zemeckis is no stranger to twisted imagery, having several weird visuals in his performance capture films, but this is pushing it. Seeing children morph into photorealistic donkeys is straight out of a horror flick. Plus, Disney wouldn't want to leave them to such an awful fate. This risks undermining the happy ending, which focus groups will surely frown on.

Like most classic Hollywood films, "The Wizard of Oz" ends on an uplifting note where Dorothy learns that, if you work hard enough, your dreams can come true and that her home is a comforting place. Pearl, on the other hand, is resigned to a miserable life on the farm. The end credits scene is a twisted version of the luminous close-ups of Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." For several excruciating minutes, Pearl grits her teeth in a cartoonishly wide grin to try and seem happy that Howard is home. She is just as rosy-cheeked and red-lipped as the sweet Judy Garland, but you can see the cracks in her mental state as her smile wavers and her eyes well with tears.

Having defeated the Cyberdemon who lorded over the lost Deimos moon base, the Doom marine learns that the moon has somehow been teleported right above Hell itself and, as such, was used as the gateway enabling the demons' invasion of the Martian facilities. Determined to press on and learn the true source of the invasion, the marine must fight through the twisted reality of perdition itself. As on Deimos, the environment itself is deadly - volcanic plains, jagged rock, and barren scorching wastelands sprawl before him, punctuated only by looming, decrepit labyrinths dedicated to the worship of evil and the torment of the damned.

Once enough corpses have been created around a Marker, the signal begins the next stage which is the Necromorph infestation. This contagion's genetic code is written in an alien language on the Markers themselves. The signal reanimates dead cells and tissue of all dead species within the Marker's area of influence. These dead bodies are then twisted into nightmarish, monstrous creatures that are built for the purpose of killing other living species and infecting them. This infection occurs not only with the Black Marker, but also where the other duplicate Markers have spread.

CNN, the self-styled "Most trusted name in news," has been revealed as a hive of licentious sexual and ethical behavior, but only belatedly has gone as far as acknowledging even the rudiments of that. Their hubristic 'trusted' claim might indeed, in a twisted way, be more than boast, as the liberal hive-mind composed of the same dupes who accept Official Reality as whole cloth are nothing if not utterly credulous. 041b061a72


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