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Download and Stream Drive Forever, the Viral Song by Nightshift TV

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of quarantine music, goodnight goodbye, Noteworthy OST, Somebody Say Something, two-quarter songs, and Tattoos. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $13.98 USD or more (35% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. i belong with you 01:42 lyrics buy track where do we go from here?where do we go from here?where do we go from here?i need to get away from hereif you just tell me noif you just tell me "please don't go"nobody needs to knowhow i love you socause baby i belong with youain't nothing wrong about youi'll write a thousand songs for youand if they sing along, they'll sing along for youbaby it's in your headstop spooling up all the threadfor the cuts you're used to sewingyou won't need it where we're going, oh nocause baby i belong with youain't nothing wrong about youi'll write a thousand songs for youand if they sing along, they'll sing along for you 2. summer rain 01:56 lyrics buy track summer raindrifting down insummer vaindon't let me let you get away againspring is gonebut darling i justcan't move ondon't say it's always dark before the dawn 3. live forever 01:20 lyrics buy track when you were younger did the blistering sunburn up a trail right down your noseso did you hide it away for each and every daythinking you've got to be careful of thosedid you run in the street and burn the tips of your feetdrive down the hill, blinking tears out of your watering eyesand did they tell you no, you've got much further to go,saying someday honey you are gonna realizebut forget what they told youthrow away what they sold youbabe you glitter, you're goldand don't you know that you are gonnalive forevergonna live forevergonna live foreverdon't you know? 4. a song for dirt roads 02:10 lyrics buy track one night you dreamed we all got happy endingsand when you woke the sky was spitting rainyou walked outside and all the trees were bendingbowing to the cars in the fast lanebowing to the cars in the fast lanewe start our engines, fly along the highwaywe try to catch the sun that's setting fastwe know we're missing each and every bywaybut i, like you, am scared of coming lastbut you and i are scared of coming lastand oh don't look at your wheels getting rustysitting still on side roads, side roads made of glassi know you feel like your heels are getting dustybut please just stay awhile, don't let this passbut please just stay awhile, don't let this passbut if you reach the harbor i hope it saves youi hope you turn the engine off and breatheand maybe you will think of me and everything i gave youand all the fear and love i kept beneathand all the fear and love we kept beneathand oh your wheels they rolled along and never rustedgouging marks in side roads, side roads made of glassof all the people i never should've trustedyou were the one i wished would never passbut you never lingered long, you let me pass 5. smile 01:19 lyrics buy track never tellthey told you, never tellthey told you, it won't sell in stores like candy bars and plastic ringsnever tellyou know, it's just as wellcause when they're counting up the scores you'll find they've turned to hidden thingsmake delaysmake delaysyou will let yourself down in a hundred little waysmake amendsmake amendsthe hundred words inside your head are what the truth upendsand everything you triedleft you unsatisfiedbut someone's at the door, put on that smile 6. soldier 00:45 lyrics buy track open your eyesI hear the voice you keep insideand I sympathizecause it won't let you come untiedopen your eyesyou might see the weight you shoulder, ohnever looking up, never looking back,you'll end up marching like a soldier oh no 7. different this time 00:57 lyrics buy track When will you ever start againwill you ever make amendswill you ever see the endi know thatyou always held a ball of twineby the end so you'd unwindnever cared for peace of minddon't let the numbers deceive youyou count the ones who leave youand you will never findit's different this time about this is a small project i'll be working on over the summer. i want to write a song a week. each song will be a doodle -- under two minutes -- and will cost fifty cents to download. i will put up a new one every monday! wheeee $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released June 9, 2014 license all rights reserved tags Tags acoustic chicago gambier a cappella indie Chicago Shopping cart subtotal USD taxes calculated at checkout Check out about rioghnach Chicago, Illinois

download song drive forever

With CDLink operating and an audio disc spinning in your CD-ROM drive, when your online tour guide wanted you to hear the "descending three-chord lick" at the heart of a Clash song, you could click on the phrase and listen to it.


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