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Hindi Movie Subway Full __TOP__ Movie

I added the ultimate road trip through Spain to my Europe bucket list before even the movie was finished. The movie has all the ingredients to revive the traveler in you. This is one of the inviting Bollywood road trip movies that will want you to pack your bags and head off.

hindi movie Subway full movie

Queen inspires all the girls out there to drop their fears, take a call, and travel solo at least once in their lifetime. The movie is about a girl who embarks on a solo trip to Paris which was supposed to be her honeymoon trip.

Rani, the main protagonist falls in love with herself while wandering around the gorgeous streets of Paris and Amsterdam. The movie beautifully redefined the concept of solo travel. The journeys we take by ourselves are the journeys we take into ourselves, indeed.

Dil Chahta Hai features quaint beach towns, golden-sand beaches, palm-fringed coastlines, back-country spice farms, quintessential churches and forts, and mouth-watering Goa Cuisine. This movie has contributed a lot to tourism in Goa. The movie also showcases the iconic city of Sydney, Australia.

All the NRI (Non-Resident Indians) would be able to relate to the movie Swades which will make them teary-eyed. It is a movie about an NRI played by Shahrukh Khan, who works in NASA and comes to India to discover his roots. He wants to take his nanny to the US along with him.

From Turquoise blue waters, and stunning bays, to rugged peaks, gorgeous landscapes, medieval charm, and everything in between, the movie captures Corsica in a way that this breathtaking island becomes your bucket list destination.

This is another movie I never get tired of watching. With an engaging storyline, incredible actors, and a mind-boggling and life-changing journey through various cities and towns (Ratlam, Kota, Bhatinda, Manali, and Shimla) in India by different modes like a train, bus, rickshaw, cycle, jeep, and even truck, Jab We Met is a delight for eyes as well as the soul.

With a tale of a complicated yet beautiful father-daughter relationship, Piku touches hearts. The movie is set in the capital city of India. The road trip from Delhi to Kolkata en route to the spiritual city of Varanasi is the soul of the movie.

In a light-hearted movie, Hum Tum travels to the amazing destinations of Delhi, Amsterdam, USA, Paris, and Mumbai as the two main characters, Karan and Rhea (unknowingly and unwantedly) bump into each other at different intervals in their lives.

The movie starts in a beautiful hill station in West Bengal, Darjeeling, and later on lets you explore some of the most unexplored parts of South Africa and Morocco.

Apart from the unusual tale of an alien stuck on the earth, what caught my attention was the picture book city of Bruges in Belgium which served as a perfect setting for the love story in the first half of the movie.

This is what I love about Imitiaz Ali. His every movie takes you to bucket-list-worthy destinations with his characters and casts a spell of travel on its audience. His movies breathe, dream, and live travel.

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Like the English version, the B-town adaptation too fared poorly despite the Hollywood aesthetics and Dasgupta's few additions. At the end, the movie simply failed to establish a connection with the characters.

The movie did have scope to address issues including domestic abuse and mental health, but it seems Dasgupta was tunnel-visioned on turning this into that usual 'masaledaar' Bollywood flick that we have all come to despise.

Karwaan is a recent movie, in which you will mostly see a road trip around picturesque locations and landscapes of South India, namely, Kochi, Ooty, and lastly, Bangalore. This movie will help you appreciate the unpredictable nature of life and the new things that can come along anytime. It will make you want to go on a long drive to places that are gorgeously green, soaked in ethnic charm and full of warm people.

This movie takes you on a ride across India. You get to see all these interesting places through the eyes of a girl who has been abducted. She, like many others, rediscovers her dream of living in the mountains and breathing clean air. And that is exactly what she does, towards the end of the movie. This movie will set you free, fill you with hopes and desires while giving you the strength to travel the world and follow your heart.

This beautiful movie helped many Indians discover a new European destination, Corsica. A Mediterranean island that combines craggy mountains, verdant forests and sun-kissed beaches, Corsica stole the show instantly when the movie was released. The amazing cinematography and well-selected locations made this movie popular among the youth. It also shows parts of Kolkata and Shimla. You must watch this for an entirely new perspective on travelling and life that might change you for the better.

A famous movie that still appeals to multiple generations, DDLJ takes you on a beautiful journey around Europe. It starts with a train journey in Switzerland and ends with a train journey in India. Essentially, journeys are the heart of this romantic movie. In the beginning of the movie, you will get to admire stunning views of London and Switzerland, while in the latter part, you will come across familiar farms in Punjab. Watch this movie to rekindle your wanderlust.

This is a movie that takes you through Europe in a quest to find a lost engagement ring. You will especially love the quaint Budapest visuals, with its old-world architectures and riverfront beauty. The charm of this film is in the quirky nature of its characters and the way they travel together, which will make you want to go on unplanned trips and have new experiences that you will remember throughout your life.

This movie beautifully invokes the feeling of love for our country, its culture and way of living, especially in villages. Away from the hustle bustle of busy towns and a foreign country, the protagonist travels around villages, trying to help the people living at a grassroot level. It is a unique film that will make you want to explore remote and rustic regions of India and maybe even stay there for a while.

So, are you all set for an exciting movie night that satisfies your traveller soul too? No matter which place steals your heart, you can plan a solo trip, a trip with your partner, friends or family. To make the trip an easy and affordable one, chalk out a detailed itinerary and book all your tickets in advance.

This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. We're ending 2022 with a few of our favorite interviews of the year. Today - Steven Spielberg. I spoke with him last month. It was a great time to interview him because his new movie, "The Fabelmans," is a personal one. He says all his movies are personal in the sense they come from his experiences, observations and imagination. But this one is personal in a more direct way. "The Fabelmans" is a semi-autobiographical film based on Spielberg's childhood and teenage years and tells the story, in a fictionalized way, of how he fell in love with movies and became a filmmaker. The movie is also about tensions in his family during those years and why his parents divorced when he was 19.

Spielberg has directed over 30 movies, including "Jaws," "E.T.," "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind," the "Indiana Jones" films, "The Color Purple," "Jurassic Park," "Schindler's List," "Saving Private Ryan," "Lincoln," and the recent adaptation of "West Side Story." His movies have grossed more at the box office than any filmmaker. And as Michael Schulman wrote in The New Yorker, Spielberg has shaped nearly half a century of the American popular imagination. "The Fabelmans" is streaming, available for rent or purchase.

Steven Spielberg, welcome to FRESH AIR. I'm so glad we have this opportunity to talk. I wasn't sure I'd ever have that opportunity to talk with you. And congratulations on this film, which I really enjoyed. Let's start with "The Greatest Show On Earth." It's a circus movie with some very disturbing things in it. And I'll preface this by saying the first movie I ever saw was "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea," and I was probably around 6, the same age you were when you saw "The Greatest Show On Earth." And I walked - we walked in late, which people used to do at that time. And the first thing I saw was Kirk Douglas wrestling with an octopus underwater. And I was terrified, and I begged my mother to just take me home. So tell us about what terrified you about "The Greatest Show On Earth," a circus movie directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: Well, first of all, you know, I sympathize with you. I, too, saw "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea," with James Mason and Kirk Douglas and Peter Lorre. And that sequence with the giant squid attacking the novelist was terrifying, especially because they were cutting the tentacles off with axes. And that was pretty gruesome in those days. And I remember that. But I was older when I saw that movie. But I was only 6 years old when I saw - when my parents took me to "The Greatest Show On Earth," and they thought it was going to be a great picture having to do with circus clowns and three rings of entertainment and, you know, and it was - I actually thought they were saying to me, we're taking you to a circus because I had never been to a movie before. We had television at home, but I had never been to a motion picture. And I thought what they meant to say was, you're going to actually see giraffes and elephants and lions and tigers.


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