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Oliver Phillips
Oliver Phillips

Green Beret Remake for Mac: A Tribute to One of the Best Arcade Games of All Time

hey green beret fans! were excited to share with you some of the progress weve been making on the mac platform. with the mac version of green beret, were investing in the best possible version of our game for you to enjoy. the mac version of green beret is a major undertaking, and were excited to share that its coming along nicely. our primary goal for the mac version was to get as close as possible to the pc version, so weve been working on three things. first, weve been working on making the game run as smoothly as possible on your mac hardware. second, weve been working on improving your gaming experience, so you can experience the game in the best possible way, whether youre playing on a mac, iphone, ipad or ipod touch. third, weve been working on bridging the gap between the pc and mac versions of the game, so you can play together seamlessly. weve been working on the mac version of green beret for the past three months, and heres what weve been working on. mac in our third and final build for the mac version, were moving the game to cocoa, so it runs as smoothly as possible on your mac hardware. your mac will still run the game, but youll experience a bit of performance lag when the game is in full-screen mode. its not as bad as it sounds, and were confident youll still have a great experience. weve also been testing out mac hardware to ensure its running as smoothly as possible. control in the third and final mac build, were testing out new controls and giving them a revamp. youll see a new control scheme with a few changes. first, weve been updating the controls to make it easier to select, move and fire your weapons.

Green Beret remake for Mac!


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