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Error failed to download image on slot-2 - tftp write error: A common issue with upgrading XOS on Summit x480

You may encounter an error when performing the NX-OS Compact Image procedure via SCP on an NX-OS binary image file over an in-band interface (such as through an SVI or a routed front-panel port) while running one of the following NX-OS software releases:

Note: The %% Non-volatile configuration memory invalid or not present error message shows if the startup configuration file is found empty by the switch while copy or backup of the configuration file is taken. Issue the write memory or copy run start command before you take the backup of the configuration file in order to avoid this error.

error failed to download image on slot-2 - tftp write error

When this error message is prompted, the switch fails to load the Cisco IOS software image. The issue is caused by a corrupted file system on the device from which the CPU tries to load the Cisco IOS software image.

I changed the interface ip address to manually and then archive command as you instructed. but in the middle of downloading file from tftp server it stops and the following error appears :

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Hi. Please I have a challenge. I want to convert a new 2602e with LWAPP to autonomous. I am using PoE. When I set power AP while pressing the mode button, after releasing the button, I get error message on console: %Error opening t -k9w7-tar.default (connection timed out)ap:. have put the two ports on same vlan but cannot ping the AP ( using my PC ( that contains the tftp for the image. What more can I do?

wdt_ID Brief Description of Issue Brief Description of Fix Applicable Product Versions Affected (if known) Link to supplemental Support Article(s) 1 Target Devices become stuck at "virtual disk found" or "Starting Windows". This may be caused by software loading drivers into memory during NT-loading. As a workaround, a script has been included in the CTX article which checks for machines that have likely stuck and restarts them. 2 On VMware image conversion fails and the machine becomes stuck at the Windows splash screen. This can be caused by the master Target Device having both a SATA and SCSI controller attached to it. The SATA controller is normally used for the CD/DVD drive in hardware versions 10 and 11. Change the SATA controller to an IDE controller or remove the CD/DVD component if not needed. Provisioning Services 7.12. 3 PVS servers are showing as offline within the PVS console and the Event Log is showing Event ID 11 "Undefined Database Error". This is due to the SQL server being configured for TLS 1.2 which SQL native client version 11.0.2100.60 does not support. Install the latest version of the SQL native client on all PVS servers and then restart each server. Provisioning Services 7.11 to 7.12. 4 Linux VDA Target Devices fall out of domain after automatic password change duration. Within the Linux vDisk properties, select "Enable Active Directory machne account password management". Provisioning Services 7.13 to 7.14. 5 When using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard with System Center Virtual Machine Manager as your Hypervisor broker, you receive error "Error - Has no available templates defined that are fully accessible by all hosts". From the machine that you are converting in to a VM Template (the master template machine), edit the properties and under "Hardware Configuration" make sure there is a blank formatted cache disk attached. Set the "Guest OS profile" to "None" and make sure your storage names have no special characters. Citrix Provisioning Services 7.12. 6 After upgrading to Provisioning Services 7.8 your Target Devices no longer boot and stick on the Windows boot screen. Try setting the Telemetry Service to Delayed Startup or Disabled. Otherwise make sure Group Policy is not set to delete profiles on the PVS Servers after a number of days. Citrix Provisioning Services 7.8. 7 After running a batch of updates, the Write Cache is not filling up quickly. This could be due to Microsoft Updates not having properly installed before the image was promoted to production. Revert the image back and make sure update installs are complete, also run a defragmentation against the vDisk. 8 Target Devices perform slowly when a copy and paste vDisk operation in on-going and the vDisk store resides on CIFS storage. It is a better practice to use DFS-R for vDisk replication on SMB3 storage. 9 Target Device stuck at "Login to Provisioning Services disk services". If the vDisk is load balanced then change the settings to make it only available from one of the PVS Servers. Next reboot the VDA and test to see if it moves past the sticking point. Keep doing this for each PVS server to see which one is causing the issue. Once you have found the culprit, restart that server. 10 The vDisk auto-update schedule does not take effect or even reconfigure after rebooting the environment. Reconfigure auto-update from the PVS Server or else manually start the auto-update virtual machine. table.wpDataTable table-layout: fixed !important; table.wpDataTable td, table.wpDataTable th white-space: normal !important; table.wpDataTable td.numdata text-align: right !important;

Note: If the rollback option is enabled and the running application has the ESP_OTA_IMG_PENDING_VERIFY state then it will lead to the ESP_ERR_OTA_ROLLBACK_INVALID_STATE error. Confirm the running app before to run download a new app, use esp_ota_mark_app_valid_cancel_rollback() function for it (this should be done as early as possible when you first download a new application).

If the bootloader update image is called pieeprom.bin then recovery.bin will stop after the update has completed. On success the HDMI output will be green and the green activity LED is flashed rapidly. If the update fails, the HDMI output will be red and an error code will be displayed via the activity LED.

If you have not rebooted the ASA, use tftp command to download a new image on the flash. If you have rebooted the device, you must get into ROMMON mode (as described in the article above) to download a new image on the flash or disk.

NOTE: It is not necessary to erase the content of a flash location before downloading another software file. The process automatically overwrites the previous file with the new file. If you want to remove an unwanted software version from flash, HP recommends that you do so by overwriting it with the same software version that you are using to operate the switch, or with another acceptable software version. To copy a software file between the primary and secondary flash locations, See "Copying a switch software image from one flash location to another", below.

CAUTION: Verify that there is an acceptable software version in the source flash location from which you are going to copy. Use the show flash command or, if necessary, the procedure under Displaying the current flash image data to verify an acceptable software version. Attempting to copy from a source image location that has a corrupted flash image overwrites the image in the destination flash location. In this case, the switch will not have a valid flash image in either flash location, but will continue running on a temporary flash image in RAM. Do not reboot the switch. Instead, immediately download another valid flash image to primary or secondary flash. Otherwise, if the switch is rebooted without a software image in either primary or secondary flash, the temporary flash image in RAM will be cleared and the switch will go down. To recover, see "Restoring a Flash Image" in the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.

CAUTION: No undo! Before using this command in one flash image location (primary or secondary), ensure that you have a valid software file in the other flash image location (secondary or primary). If the switch has only one flash image loaded (in either primary or secondary flash) and you erase that image, then the switch does not have a software image stored in flash. In this case, if you do not reboot or power cycle the switch, you can recover by using xmodem or tftp to download another software image.

Some common problems you may face include errors due topermission. Make sure that the files are readable by the tftp user orwhichever user the tftpd runs as. Additionally, directories must haveexecute permission, or tftp will not be able to descend and read thecontent of that directory, and you'll see a "Permission denied"error when you attempt to get the file.

Solution: If you get the error message during the backup process, please reinstall the software and then rerun the backup. If you get the error message during the restore process, please select the image manually to restore it.

Solution: The error generally appears when the software runs a checking image. Please try to explore the image. If you can explore it, so the image should be useful and you can restore it. Maybe you can try to restore it to another location to see if it is restorable.

Solution: The error generally appears in checking the image after the backup completed or directly clicking the backup task to restore. Please select backup files manually to check or restore.

Solution: This error usually occurs when you restore a backup image. If you encounter such a problem, please contact our AOMEI Support Team and attach the log folder under the installation directory of the software so that we can further analyze the problem and help you find solutions.

Solution: Thie error usually occurs when you restore a backup image file. In this case, you can try to create a bootable media and boot your PC into WinPE to restore the backup image.


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