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Buy Dutch Door

Nothing says Americana like a Dutch door. With this style, a single door is divided in the middle, allowing homeowners to open the top portion while keeping the bottom portion closed. The halves are secured with a latch to keep the door as one when needed. The dual functionality of a Dutch door is a unique, yet practical way to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

buy dutch door

As farmhouse design continues to rise, so too does the demand for country chic Dutch doors. Dating back to the 17th century, the doors enabled New England colonial homes to let in light and air through the openable top half while keeping dirt and farm animals out. Today, designers are also putting a contemporary twist on the Dutch door, fusing a modern aesthetic with the practical classic. Whether traditional or ultramodern, dive in and give this trending style a try.

Simpson can turn almost any door into a Dutch door, as long as it has solid wood across the area to be dutched like a flush door or an intermediate rail. Simply choose a door design that fits your architecture, and your Authorized Dealer will make sure the Dutch cut on your door is the best fit for your application. Consider these exterior and interior Dutch door options to make a statement:

Let classic reign with one of these beautifully handcrafted doors. The Bungalow Series is offered with subtle design elements, including traditional beaded v-groove panels and a large selection of glass layouts and options. Pack the focal point of your home with personality by featuring one of these series cut as a charming Dutch door.

For a more contemporary feel, look no further than the clean, modern lines of our Contemporary Doors. These doors draw the best of modern design into the Simpson heritage and can function as Dutch doors. Greet guests and accept deliveries in style while keeping the kiddos in.

Create a striking entry with Exterior French and Sash doors, which are designed to provide optimal views. When cut Dutch, these doors bathe the interior in natural light even when the top half is closed.

With a nod to the rustic, barn doors can cozy up any room. Try a barn Dutch door in your mudroom for a comfy corral for kids and critters. Or dress up your laundry room door and toss in dirty clothes without the eyesore of a growing pile.

I think wood Dutch doors are not only among the friendliest and most charming style of doors, particularly for a cottage or farmhouse inspired home, but they are also quite practical, too! We open one or both of ours every single day at one point or another (or all day) to let the breezes flow through.

The most common question I get about my doors (next to the bug worries) is where did I find such adorable doors? We searched high and low for our dream door. I wanted a chunky door, solid wood with nine windows.

It only took a couple of weeks to have our Dutch doors custom made and another week to have them painted (the store had sample doors in stock to look at, but they are custom built or modified for you). Besides various sizes and styles, they also had customizing options such as different glass, hinges, and which direction they open, so keep that in mind, as well.

Your door is absolutely adoor-able! Leaving doors open without a screen? How very Dutch of you! The vast majority of Dutch homes do not utilize screens in any part of the house.I am hoping to one day add a Dutch door to our home. I like that yours has a very modern twist with clean lines and wide window panes. My neighbors have them in all shapes and styles, the differences centering around the glass portion. Many of them have antique bell pull [doorbells] embedded into the door itself. It really adds to the character of the house.

Hi MelissaI absolutely love your Ozark Shadows dutch door and was wondering if I could get more information on how to contact Franks. I live in NY and am not sure if they would be able to ship one. We have a dutch door now and absolutely love it. We are remodeling our home and have not been able to find one until I saw yours that I really like. Any help would be much appreciated.

Besides adding a distinct look to your home, Dutch doors allow you to increase the functionality of your entryway by bringing fresh air in while keeping pets and children safely inside. This is done by dividing the door horizontally so the bottom half remains shut, while the top half opens. All solid wood Dutch doors are handcrafted to your exact size. Each exterior Dutch door has a unique sealing system allowing it to seal as efficiently as any standard door.

Exterior Features: Clear insulated tempered glass is standard. Low E, Argon, Beveled Glass are all available options. Fully sealed and weather-stripped. Pre-hung on matching solid wood rabbeted door jambs with mahogany threshold and 4 x 4 square corner ball bearing hinges. 1 thick solid wood stiles and rails. 1 5/8 raised panels. 2 thick units optional. Dutch door bolts available.

Use our Printable order forms to write measurements, designs, and notes down as you browse our website or walk through your project. Use the custom design sheet to create or recreate the door design you need. When ready fax them to us at 315 324 6531. Or you may call us at 1-800-787-2001 to connect with a member of our sales staff, then mail or email your order form and designs directly to them. We enjoy working with the needs of each and every client.

Taking an existing interior door and adding a little DIY sweat and skill is a great way to save several hundred dollars. HGTV put together a thorough tutorial for this interior upgrade to help you get the look and functionality for way less.

Just like with interior doors, you can take an existing front door and give it new life as a dutch door. Would you believe this project from This Old House only cost $63 to complete?! By adding a few details where the door is halved, you can keep this project from looking like you know...sliced a door in half.

If one is nice, two must be even better, right? Double dutch doors make a striking entrance. With these examples from Rasmusen Painting and Design and Houzz, you can easily see how a pair of dutch doors works for different styles of homes, from modern farmhouse to coastal cool.

Don't forget the charming shelf on the lower half of your dutch door. Get all the tips and tricks from Skaie of HomeJelly. If this is a project you'd rather not DIY, she has wonderful advice for working with a professional (and still saving a little dough!).

If the fear of bugs and other unwanted pests are keeping you from your dutch door dreams, consider adding a retractable screen. They are often secured by magnets and can retract from top to bottom or side-to-side for taller doors. When not in use, they are inconspicuous enough to not detract from the look of your dutch door, unlike most bulky screen doors.

Don't be afraid to get a little creative with your paint choice for your dutch doors. Consider painting the exterior a different color to add an interesting pop when the door swings inward. This can be a great way to create a cohesive look between two spaces as you consider a shade that complements both.

With the rise of the farmhouse and rustic-styled homes comes an increased focus on the Dutch door. A design that originally came about in the 17th century means that this style of door is making a comeback in a big way.

Windowed doors are pretty popular and allow for a good deal of natural light to come into the home. The panel is by far the most common though and consists of a series of raised panels to create a fairly mundane style.

Storm doors are often put on the outside of other doors as an extra layer of protection. Finally, a sliding door can be found around patio enclosures and offer a much larger entryway compared to regular hinged doors.

That being said, these doors are notorious for not being viable in environments with lots of bugs or more extreme weather found in the far North and South. These doors can also suffer from inferior insulation and have some issues related to their hardware.

The good news is that there are plenty of other options for exterior doors on the market that can fit your preference of material or style. Whatever door you pick make sure to follow proper maintenance procedures so you can get the most out of your door.

Experience the beauty and warmth of wood with a Kimberly bay screen door. The door is heavy-duty construction, made with 1-3/8 in. Finger-jointed rustic red cedar. The door includes a removable black fiberglass screen for easy paint or staining. Storm glass inserts can be purchased separately.

The Weslock Addy single-cylinder handle set has a low profile contemporary design, and sleek look. The straight edges create a statement for the homeowner's door. With reliable function and modern design, the Addy Handle set will bring a lasting impression to any door at your house. Transitional collection Addy entry handle with a single cylinder deadbolt that comes with adjustable spring latch & adjustable deadbolt latch, round/ square faceplates & round/ square strikes, round foot cap with screw, and assembly screws with wood screws. Interior Rectangle-shaped escutcheon with Single Cylinder Deadbolt with lower Passage function and the spindle is attached to the plate, with a non-handed mesa knob. Easy to follow instructions.

Founded in 1977. Deltana is an architectural hardware manufacturer with a proven record for exceptional service and quality. Deltana inventories America's largest selection of architectural and door hardware in over nine fine finishes made from solid brass, zinc, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. The Deltana dutch door quadrant is used on dutch doors to lock the upper and lower panels together.

This stunning Mahogany 4 Lite SDL door from Knockety is made of premium Mahogany wood stained with our elegant Charcoal finish and beautiful clear glass that will light up any entryway. This door is very low maintenance and comes with borehole prep and brick mold. Doors that ship so quickly you'll get it before you can say "Knockety!" 041b061a72


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