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What You Need to Know About WhereIsIt 3.26 and How to Use It

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WhereIsIt 3.26 Download


If you are an organization using Chocolatey, we want your experience to be fully reliable. Due to the nature of this publicly offered repository, reliability cannot be guaranteed. Packages offered here are subject to distribution rights, which means they may need to reach out further to the internet to the official locations to download files at runtime.

On Windows, it is sometimes necessary to Unblock a downloaded ZIP file before you can import its contents as a module.If you right-click on the ZIP file and choose "Properties" you will get a dialog which includes an "Unblock" button, which will enable you to import the module.

The module file is located in the bin directory of your Neo4j installation, i.e. where you unzipped the downloaded file.For example, if Neo4j was installed in C:\Neo4j then the module would be imported like this:

The Windows installer has an option to download the QGIS sample dataset.If checked, the data will be downloaded to your My Documents folder andplaced in a folder called GIS Database. You may use Windows Explorer tomove this folder to any convenient location. If you did not select the checkboxto install the sample dataset during the initial QGIS installation, you may do one of the following:

For GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, there are not yet dataset installationpackages available as rpm, deb or dmg. To use the sample dataset, download thefile qgis_sample_data as a ZIP archive from and unzip the archiveon your system.

Extension packs. Additional extension packs can be downloaded which extend the functionality of the Oracle VM VirtualBox base package. Currently, Oracle provides a single extension pack, available from: The extension pack provides the following added functionality:

QGIS 3.26 will be used for this workshop. Please make sure that you have the appropriate versions installed prior to the workshop. The standalone installation is less complicated than the OSGeo4W Network Installer. If you only need QGIS (i.e. for this workshop), you may want to select that instead of OSGeo4W which is a set of open source geospatial software for Windows.

Step 8: Assign appropriate colours for each layer in the Style tab of the >Layer Properties menu. From the .zip file downloaded above, add the roads (Routes.shp), other forested areas (region_boise.shp) and water bodies (Region_hydrique.shp) to the map canvas.

For detailed instructions on how to install and configure the Whitebox plugin for QGIS, please watch this short video. Note that installing the Whitebox plugin does not automatically install the open-source WhiteboxTools back-end, nor any of the commercial extension products. You will need to visit the Whitebox Geospatial homepage and download the WhiteboxTools binary executable before installing the QGIS plugin. The Whitebox Toolset Extension (WTE) can also be downloaded from the site, although a valid license is required to run the extension.

If a project doesn't successfully save, a window will appear, notifying the user that the project could not be saved. In the window, the user can choose to re-attempt to save the project by clicking 'Try Again', or choose to download the project as a file by clicking 'download'.

To download a project, click 'File' in the toolbar. From the dropdown menu, click 'Save to Your Computer'. This is start a download to your computer's 'downloads' folder. The project will be saved as an .sb3 file, which can later be uploaded back onto the original project.

To upload a previously downloaded project, navigate to the project whose contents are to be replaced. (If the file was created offline, create a blank project for the file to replace.) Click 'File', then from the dropdown menu, click 'load from Your Computer'. Select the correct file, then click 'Open'. The project will then load onto the Scratch Editor. Project file sizes are maxed at 5 megabytes as a .json file. To see how large the project .json file is, download the project and change the .sb3 extension to .zip.

  • Data Source:You can download the complete free data in CSV format from IP2Location LITE DB1 .

  • You can also download the list in firewall format from IP2Location Firewall List .

When a repository is configured to block downloads of unscanned artifacts, this setting will make every download request connection remain open for the time configured (in seconds), allowing Xray sufficient time to scan the artifact and then return the artifact or block it based on scan results.

Important: make sure the client you are using to download artifacts from Artifactory is set with a high socket timeout value to ensure the connection will remain intact while Xray is scanning the artifacts. Example clients include: build CI server, package mangers, smart remote repository, cURL, etc.

This system property determines the interval between each artifact's events submission from Artifactory to Xray. When downloading a newly added artifact, an event is created in Artifactory, and this event is sent to Xray notifying it of a new artifact that needs to be scanned. In order for the block unscanned timeout to have enough time to get full scan results, Xray needs to be quickly notified that a new scan needs to be made, thus this system property needs to be changed to 10 seconds.


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