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Oliver Phillips
Oliver Phillips

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the only thing more entertaining than trying to track down the final doll, is the last segment, which involves making your way past a tripwire trap in a hedge maze to the beach below, where the boys have been planning to end it all. they do so by jumping off the cliff, which despite all warnings about their lack of survival skills, proves to be a fun outing. i'll say this; if the men who created this game were trying to be malicious, they certainly succeeded in achieving that aim, but they came up with a far better game than that.

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hilariously, the challenges here are just time and practice, as most of the puzzles are made up of manipulating whatever objects are sitting around the game's otherwise uninspired environment to create things which end up helping you. tiny change had made the previously impossible to reach top level a breeze, making this the best platformer i've played since super meat boy. and i like super meat boy. in fact, i'm more of a platformer kind of guy, and i wish this had come out a few years earlier.

aside from a few standout puzzles, which include one to get you to a previously unobtainable item, this is a moderately fun time, despite the shortness of it. but it does feel like a betrayal, to repeat it from the beginning of this review, that the best thing about the game are the three extra challenges which are unlocked once you complete the third set of islands. though these can be a little dull, they do offer welcome variety. but the final mode, the longest, is also the weakest one, and this is one of the only platformers which ever got to the point that the core gameplay had left me frustrated.


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