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Marmadesam: Vidathu Karuppu - Why You Should Watch This Tamil Thriller TV Series Now

Marmadesam: Vidathu Karuppu - A Complete Tamil Thriller TV Series

If you are a fan of mystery, suspense and drama, then you should not miss Marmadesam: Vidathu Karuppu, a Tamil television series that will keep you hooked till the end. This series is one of the most successful and acclaimed works of the Marmadesam anthology, which explores the supernatural and mysterious aspects of Tamil culture and folklore. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this series, from its plot and characters to its reception and impact.


What is Marmadesam?

Marmadesam (English: Land of Mystery) is a 1996-2001 Tamil mystery anthology television series that was telecasted on Sun TV and Raj TV. It consists of five stand-alone stories that deal with different aspects of the paranormal and the occult. The stories are:

  • Ragasiyam (The Secret): A story about the legend of the Nava-bhashana lingam, a powerful stone that can heal any disease.

  • Vidathu Karuppu (Black Never Spares): A story about the cult of Karuppu Sami, a village deity who punishes those who break his rules.

  • Sorna Regai (The Golden Line): A story about a serial killer who targets women with a golden line on their palms.

  • Iyanthira Paravai (The Mechanical Bird): A story about a mysterious bird that can predict the future.

  • Edhuvum Nadakkum (Anything Can Happen): A story about a forest that is haunted by ancient spirits.

What is Vidathu Karuppu?

Vidathu Karuppu (English: Black Never Spares) is the second story of the Marmadesam series. It was directed by Naga and written by Indra Soundar Rajan, based on his novel of the same name. It was first telecasted in 1997 on Sun TV and later re-telecasted on Raj TV, Vasanth TV and YouTube. It has 79 episodes in total.

Vidathu Karuppu is a psychological thriller that revolves around the cult of Karuppu Sami, a village deity who is worshipped as a protector and a punisher. The story examines the concept of split personalities and the power of belief, while also exploring the rural customs and traditions of Tamil Nadu.

Plot summary

The setting

The story is set in two time periods: 1972 and 1997. The first ten minutes of each episode show the events that happened in 1972 in the village of Thottakaramangalam, where the Anaimudi Alampriyar family lives. The family consists of Alampriyar (K.K. Soundar), his wife (C.T. Rajakantham), their son Rajendran (Master Lokesh) and their daughter Valli Nachiyar (Shobana). The family owns a horse named Vidaadhu Karuppu (Black Never Spares), which is considered to be the avatar of Karuppu Sami.

The second part of each episode shows the events that happen in 1997 in Chennai, where Reena (Devadarshini), a medical student, comes to stay with her uncle Anwar (Poovilangu Mohan), a police inspector. Reena is skeptical about superstitions and paranormal phenomena, while Anwar is a believer. They get involved in solving the mystery of Vidaadhu Karuppu, which has resurfaced after 25 years.

The characters

The main characters of the story are:

  • Vidaadhu Karuppu: The horse that is believed to be the incarnation of Karuppu Sami. He has a distinctive mark on his forehead that resembles the deity's eyes. He is loyal to his owners, but also ruthless to his enemies. He can sense danger and warn his owners through his neighing. He can also possess people who have a weak mind or a guilty conscience.

  • Karuppu Sami: The village deity who is worshipped as a guardian and a judge. He has a temple in Thottakaramangalam, where he receives offerings from his devotees. He has a set of rules that must be followed by everyone who lives in his domain. He punishes those who break his rules or harm his devotees by causing accidents, diseases or death.

  • Rajendran: The son of Alampriyar and the owner of Vidaadhu Karuppu in 1972. He is a young boy who loves his horse and treats him as his friend. He is brave and loyal, but also naive and impulsive. He gets into trouble with his enemies, who try to harm him and his horse.

  • Valli Nachiyar: The daughter of Alampriyar and the owner of Vidaadhu Karuppu in 1997. She is a young woman who runs a horse riding school in Chennai. She inherits Vidaadhu Karuppu from her brother, who died under mysterious circumstances. She is strong and independent, but also emotional and caring. She faces many challenges from her enemies, who try to take away her horse and her property.

  • Reena: A medical student who comes to Chennai to stay with her uncle Anwar in 1997. She is curious and intelligent, but also skeptical and rational. She does not believe in superstitions or paranormal phenomena, until she encounters Vidaadhu Karuppu and his powers. She tries to find out the truth behind the mystery with the help of her uncle.

  • Anwar: A police inspector who is Reena's uncle and mentor in 1997. He is experienced and wise, but also superstitious and fearful. He believes in superstitions and paranormal phenomena, especially after witnessing Vidaadhu Karuppu's powers. He helps Reena to solve the mystery with his knowledge and contacts.

The mystery

The mystery of Vidaadhu Karuppu begins in 1972, when Alampriyar buys a black horse from a nomadic tribe for his son Rajendran's birthday. The horse turns out to be Vidaadhu Karuppu, who has a special bond with Rajendran. The horse brings luck and prosperity to the family, but also attracts envy and hatred from their enemies.

The main enemy of the family is S.V.S., an industrialist and horse owner who wants to defeat Vidaadhu Karuppu in a race and take over his land. He hires Nataraj (Mohan Vaidya), a jockey who has a grudge against Alampriyar for rejecting his love for Valli Nachiyar. Nataraj tries to sabotage Vidaadhu Karuppu's performance by using various tricks and tactics.

However, every time someone tries to harm Vidaadhu Karuppu or his owners, they face dire consequences from Karuppu Sami's wrath. People start dying one by one in strange ways, such as snake bites, electrocution or poisoning. Some people also start behaving erratically or violently after being possessed by Vidaadhu Karuppu's spirit.

The mystery deepens when Rajendran disappears after winning a race against S.V.S.'s horse. His body is never found, but his blood-stained shirt is discovered near Vidaadhu Karuppu's stable. Everyone suspects that Vidaadhu Karuppu killed Rajendran out of jealousy or anger.

The story then shifts to 1997, when Valli Nachiyar receives a letter from her father's lawyer informing her that she has inherited Vidaadhu Karuppu from her brother's will


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