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Oliver Phillips
Oliver Phillips

Lena Paul Foot

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+ The 6,500-square-foot Prairie-style main residence offers multiple double-sided wood-burning fireplaces, two offices and entertaining spaces on two levels (the game room alone boasts a billiards table, pingpong table, poker alcove, pro skee ball alley and 12-seat theater).

+ Beyond expansive views, the $65 million (or Bitcoin equivalent) home boasts stunning design details including a state-of-the-art Gaggenau main kitchen and a 20-foot cascading water wall set behind a 150-year-old olive tree flown in from Italy.

Morin was a part of the 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, and he was among the first group of U.S. soldiers to set foot in Vietnam, and among the first to witness the horrors that came with it.

Other captains make their way on foot or hop on the campus shuttle. This is what transportation looks like on a "walking campus," which is precisely what UNH is striving to be. "The walking campus is a cornerstone goal of the master plan," says Steve Pesci '87, '92G, manager of special projects for Campus Planning. Walking, bike riding and bus riding are encouraged by consolidating larger lots on the edges of the core campus and providing a high-frequency shuttle service around campus.

On clay it is Henman who is different and Massu was disconcerted to see the ball repeatedly sliced to his feet rather than spun up around his ears in the traditional clay-court style. The Chilean was not helped by the stress fracture in his right foot which has allowed him to play only four events this year and he was some way off the form that saw him win two gold medals at the Athens Olympics last summer. Perhaps the only surprise was that Henman did not win even more comfortably. 041b061a72


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