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Launch Mod Organizer Through Steam

If you only want to download the ModOrganizer 2 executable, you can run steamtinkerlaunch mo2 download. If you want to download and install ModOrganizer 2 but you don't want it to run, you can run steamtinkerlaunch mo2 install.

Launch Mod Organizer Through Steam

If ModOrganizer 2 still does not launch after this, feel free to open an issue and make sure to include your steamtinkerlaunch.log file. The relevant log for the last launch can be found in /dev/shm/steamtinkerlaunch. Make sure to try and launch ModOrganizer 2 before attaching the log, so we can see the log from your attempted launch.

If you still run into issues, check /.local/share/applications and see if you have a file called ModOrganizer-steamtinkerlaunch-dl.desktop. If you don't have this file, copy the template below and replace with the path to your SteamTinkerLaunch configuration folder (typically this is /.config/steamtinkerlaunch but may be different on Flatpak).

Once you have filled out the path, save the file to /.local/share/applications/ and name it ModOrganizer-steamtinkerlaunch-dl.desktop. After this, close SteamTinkerLaunch and remove the /dev/shm/steamtinkerlaunch/ folder.

I'm having an issue where I can launch FO3 through MO however Steam doesn't detect the game running and therefore I have no Steam Overlay. Is there a way to get steam to detect FO3 when I launch it through MO (Using FOSE).

You can use SMAPI through the GOG Galaxy client to track your play time. The steps below tell GOG Galaxy to launch a batch script, which in turn launches StardewModdingAPI.exe. This is because telling GOG Galaxy to launch StardewModdingAPI.exe directly causes the SMAPI console to be invisible, which can hide important errors and warning messages.

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas have a great modding community, but most mods require launching the game through a mod manager like Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM), or by launching the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), both of which exist independent of Steam.

I know I can 'Add a non-steam game' to my library (and in fact have been doing this for a while), but is there any way I can get Steam to launch FOMM or FOSE directly, by clicking the 'Play' button on the actual game?

Having set the automatic updates to start only when Skyrim is launched, you should never launch the game from Steam again. Doing so may result in the game being updated again, making it incompatible with your current SKSE build. Therefore, you should launch the game with SKSE itself or through a mod organizer.

Alternatively, you can launch Skyrim through a mod manager and force Steam to only update your game when it launches. Since you'll be using a mod manager, you technically never launch the game through Steam, resulting in your game never updating. Here's the process:


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