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Attack.on.Titan.Wings.of.Freedom-CODEX Dna Hack

After receiving the new insignia, Bumblebee went to confront Skytread, contemptuously decking the Duocon, before Elita pulled him away for a scolding. Far from being intimidated, Bumblebee pointed out the suspicious nature of Barricade's abduction and later tried to hack into Soundwave's files to discover the truth. When Elita found out, she decided to humor him, finding that both Barricade and Quake's profiles had been deleted, the latter on the same cycle that Rubble had died, by Soundwave himself. The communications chief then arrived and told them both to come with him to the Cybertronian Mountains. Elita warned Bumblebee that they'd gotten extremely lucky this time. The Change In Your Nature Part One

Attack.on.Titan.Wings.of.Freedom-CODEX Dna Hack

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