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Driftless Daily Reflections

Week of October 12, 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020: Broken
Daily reading: Matthew 10:16-18; Matthew 7:15-20

Even though we’re forgiven sinners, we are all still broken in mind, body, and spirit to various degrees. Therefore, our broken selves create conflict around us, and cause a lot of suffering for ourselves and others. Jesus is aware that, as his followers, conflict will arise for us, and at times bombard us from all sides. Jesus uses the image of a wolf to describe just how broken we are. We look good on the outside, but on the inside we are “ravenous wolves.” We often describe this broken condition as “sin,” and it points us to how we need Jesus, a Savior. How is your brokenness causing suffering for someone else? In your prayers today, ask God to reveal your brokenness and show you
ways to bring healing to your relationships.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020: Wise as a Serpent
Daily reading: Matthew 10:16-25; James 3:13-18

Jesus says, “be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.” Wisdom is often a critical part of conflict resolution. Wisdom is an ancient word that is developed in the Old Testament book of Proverbs. With wise and calm heads, we can keep pain from becoming even worse, and we can be part of the solution. In the text from James, we see that real wisdom can lead to peace. Where do we find real wisdom? Where do you look for real wisdom? In your prayers today, ask God to speak real wisdom into your

Wednesday, October 14, 2020: Innocent as Doves
Daily reading: Matthew 10:16-25; Philippians 2:14-16

Innocence, Biblically speaking, does not mean that we never sin. Innocence means we are moving in the direction of allowing the Holy Spirit to mold
us into people who love God and neighbor. A willingness to confess what is not from God, and a willingness to respond to what God would have us do and be in our lives, leaves less space in our souls for the people and forces who would throw us off-center. Innocence has a power of its own that keeps
us strong in the midst of conflicts we encounter in our lives. The power of innocence is that it acts like
a shield on our hearts. Are you able to discern what’s not from God in your life? In your prayers today, ask God to reveal those things that stand in contrast to God’s plans and purposes.

Thursday, October 15, 2020: The #1 Love
Daily reading: Matthew 10:34-39; Psalm 31:21-24

Jesus calls us to love God above all other loves. This is what makes sense of those texts about hating father, mother, etc. Jesus is referring to the love we have for God relative to the love we have for others. God is calling us to order our lives so that the love of God is master over all the other loves in our lives. When God’s love prevails over all other loves, then the other loves begin to take their rightful place inside of us. What other “loves” are competing for #1 in your life? In your prayers today, ask God to help you reorder your priorities and experience the joy that brings.

Friday, October 16, 2020: Take Up Our Cross
Daily reading: Matthew 10:37-39; Matthew 16:24-28

Jesus tells us to take up our cross and follow him daily. In the wake of conflict, we must deny our desires in life and take up our cross. We are servants, and sometimes, in order to be obedient to God’s plan in our lives, we will suffer. God wants us to have joy and love in our lives. However, given the reality of a broken world, with broken people, it will also involve suffering in our lives along the way. The command to take up the cross is a realistic picture of imperfect people living in an imperfect world. How can you take up the cross of Christ today, and follow him? In your prayers today, ask God for specific direction as to what it means to take up your cross today.

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